Spell Upon My Flesh

via Daily Prompt: Quicken


His slow trail of lips’ steps

round hipbones and belly

churn insides to liquid desire

flutterpats of his fingertips

float across and down neck

dance tip toe upon shoulder

gently skip across inside of arm

no time exists

under his spell upon my flesh



I Have No Center


via Daily Prompt: Center

I have no center.  I live life in waves to the left and right.  Being straight and narrow in the middle bores me.  That’s just a long, unending road with no destination in sight. No adventurous side trips.  No jagged, rough, winding days.  No high-flying, soaring paths taking your breath away.

I have no center. My emotions run through fields of poppies and over hills of green.  Passion in my veins runs through rivers deep and spreads wide over the plains.  Wandering off in directions unknown are my deepest feelings, seeking fulfillment in a myriad of people and places.  No contentment in one spot.

I have no center. I have everything I need.