Living in the Gray

Tangled in treason

mirror black with betrayal

no sleep

between the snowdrops

no awake

between dark’s claws

moments of uncertainty

clouded gray

where I lie

in agony


January 2019

(This was a combo poem from 4 prompts for JanuaryFalls19 hosted by BreathWords/Ashley Jane)


Tender Invitation

tender invite2

The back of his hand

slowly caressed

down her cheek

his eyes

speaking sonnets of adoration

leaning in

his lips gently brushed

against hers


to what more he could offer

feel of his tender ways

creeping into her veins

reviving heartbeats

she had put to rest

their rhythm building

bubbling beneath her soul

like warm thrills

whispering to her


get on the ride

you won’t be disappointed



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