Territory of My Mind

via Daily Prompt: Territory


I love to wander

a territory all mine

it’s no one else’s land

entrance banned

from all outsiders




no horizons

no end

A place

I can run, hide, or seek

I  laze in sun

or weep in cloudy gray

I plod steadily along

with heavy feet

or skip with light heart

This land is mine to own

sometimes it owns me

 a saving grace

or a graceful fall

it doesn’t matter

it’s the only thing

that is all mine




Control Freak


Weather controls me, and I hate him.  I am completely at his mercy, and today he gave none. Windy with total grayness.  That was today.  That was my mood. And there was no escaping it. It wrapped me in a blanket of misery so tightly I couldn’t even fight to get free. There wasn’t a single ounce of light ever to crack through today’s blah.

This control freak even dominates my writing. Everything on the page today seems somber gray with a side of heartache.  I guess I am easy prey for this beast.  He has swallowed my heart and smile–at least for today.  Maybe tomorrow he’ll serve up sunshine with happiness dessert.