Ice Cube Fantasy


“Close your eyes”

he said

and I did…

“Don’t move at all”


Then silence


My stilled naked body

wondering what was in store


Then the drip


Single drop of icy water

on my throat

where it lay

in the little pooled area

between my neck and chest


Second drop

between breasts

slithering down skin

chasing my belly button


I caught my breath

two more drops

one on each breast

hardening the already anxious nipples


Two more drops

across sensitive hipbones

causing a rising wriggle

to which he said

“Stay still”

and I obeyed

biting my lip and inhaling

calming myself

although anything but calm


He continued…

ice cube dripping

down inner thighs and calves

even sexy pink toes

got a treat


And then

three, four

I don’t know how many

down the narrow slit

of all wonder and ecstasy

gasping trembles ensuing

I muffled a giggly scream

grabbed hold

of the iron headboard

and gave him

the shuddering show

he so desperately wanted



September 2019

Ph-Google Images



Let Me

let me

His growling, low voice

whispered in my ear–

Open to me

your feminine mystery world

let my tongue

delve your depths

seeking secret doors

hiding ecstasy’s screams

let my tongue

lap arousal’s paths

eliciting sounds

construed only as carnal

let my tongue

flicker slowly

taunting and teasing greedy tip

let my tongue

run wild

pushing you over

spontaneous eruptions

breathless convulsions

climactic scene

I shall sit back

and enjoy

with sated pleasure



January 2019

PH-Via Google Images