Desire Under Skin

As if you were on fire

The following poem was written in response to this quote provided as a prompt by @lunagemz on Twitter


He could see through her

the illumination

of desire under skin

glow of sensual light

pulling him

to her center

where she’ll engulf his darkness

and sate

every sinful wish

in his body



Deliciously Edible

via Daily Prompt: Edible


He peered behind her eyes

licking his lips

at the hidden seduction

stirrings low in his gut

making him shift his stance

“Now,” she said,

“your eyes may travel

all the way down…”

Obeying, as always,

his eyes scrolled from her face

beheld every edible inch

of her sugar fine skin

then he breathed deeply

and humbly asked,

“May I undo my belt now?”