Just A Wicked Night

Winds howled

in night’s sinful hands

corrupt love

danced without remorse

devilish eyes

tethered him

her female form


in nudity and power

bodies worshipped

in unholy freedom

nothing sacred

in lust’s dark

wicked chill

of her unrighteous moans

heightened his pleasure

with every thrust

until licentious euphoria

grabbed his soul

screams of final pleasure

last echoes of the night



November 2018

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(Written for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge using the words “wicked chill”)

Rock Me Punk


I heard your hands

begged them


play your bare, raw notes

where none exist

on my nakedness

create impure riffs

inciting shivers

I cannot control

make me ache

and rock along

sliding under

your tawdry punk beat

bucking with

your delinquent rhythm

my high notes

hitting your low notes

slams of coked stanzas

blowing my mind

blare your sounds

ripping my senses

from my skin

until nothing is left

of me




(Today is my birthday , and I just wanted to rock it the way I know best.  I am what I am, and this kind of writing just makes me happy. )

Feeding Each Other

your hunger

Your hunger

makes me bow

to my own

ravenous lips and hands


my taste and feel

familiar scents

tantalizing perfume

we gorge

on the feast

of each other

my skin

feeding your appetite

your breathy groans

feeding my greed

dare we go too fast

our fulfillment fleeting

slower now

we breathe

between bites

savor the saltiness

of fast passion

lick sweet drips

of early fervor

slowing intake

arousing craving

dining deep into night

every delicious moment relished


at last

we can no longer wait

for the sugar high ending