Eager Eyes

His eyes

leaned forward eagerly

breathless beauty of her

drawing him in

heartbeat racing

temperature rising

desire growing

only his flesh

wrapped around hers

could assuage

this undeniable craving


November 2018



Take Me Deeper

I begged him

take me deeper

thrill me

with swells

which overcome

every thought

on my surface

take me under

and swallow

what I cannot

then release me

free what hides

behind shadows of doubt

let me find

the me

who is real





Hallelujah Chorus of Love

Flutter of his lips

like angel wings blessing her body

with Heavenly erotic prayers


On bended knees

he adored and worshipped

her entire entity


She–sensing his holy power

on every curve

and unknown road of skin


He–building her belief

in a power

higher than just touch



their hallelujah chorus

of love

shattered the silence

of the sanctuary




Ph- Pinterest