Take Me Deeper

I begged him

take me deeper

thrill me

with swells

which overcome

every thought

on my surface

take me under

and swallow

what I cannot

then release me

free what hides

behind shadows of doubt

let me find

the me

who is real







Surrender to me

forget the risk

forget the rules

let time stop

get lost in me

let my mysterious ways

seduce you soul

as they ravage your body

with feminine prowess

see my hands

as magic ribbons

tying every fantasy together

as I unravel you

feel my lips

tell stories

across your undiscovered lands

then ask me

to tell them again

hear my breathing

sing sensual pleasure

reaching octaves unparalleled

notes only bodies understand

taste my flavors

knowing they are mine alone

intensifying with every movement

to be savored by only one

smell our desire

in the steamy tangled mess

lust’s evening perfume

wrapping around nude skin

surrender to me

let me unleash the wild

you’ve caged for so long




(Originally posted yesterday on godoggocage.com Come and visit the fabulous writing community there!)