Tortuous Ache



in empty, tangled sheets

unable to ease

the tortuous ache

my skin screaming

for absent hands

strong with gentle touch

long, stroking caresses

quieting and feeding

this lascivious hunger

for unadulterated, sensual pleasure




(#OctPoWriMo Day 12 theme Tortured)



Stay Still

stay still 1

He commanded her

to stand still

immobile and silent

against the wall

ever so slowly

he unloosened his tie

seductive, stern look glaring her way

one button at a time

the crisp, white dress shirt


chiseled chest revealed

then cuff links left and right


for his beauty’s longing eyes

she licked her lips

wiggled knees a bit

“Still,” he demanded.

“Stay still.”

His eyes watched hers

devouring his body

he knew what she wanted to see

with patience of a master

he unbuckled his belt

tossing it near her high-heeled feet

he scuffed off each shoe

peeled down one sock then the other

a sly grin crept across his face

teasing with such pleasure

as he unzipped

and shed trousers

revealing stark, bare hardness

Her breath caught

legs clenched together

inner core strangled itself

in urgent need

masculinity of his every part

ripped through her

with quaking vengeance

wild and wet her inflamed desire

“Is this what you want, my love?”

She swallowed and nodded.

“And you shall have it.

Only after I undress every inch of you

in my unhurried leisure.  

You will wait patiently

as I do what I want

as slowly as I please.”

And his hand caressed her cheek.






Gin and Smoke

Gin soaked

Gin soaked lips

wrapping the end

of a cigarette

he wished was him


her sultry look

and casual sexiness

causing shifting and readjusting

growing arousal

now out of his control

taking over mind and body


unable to look away

he fastened eyes

on a plump, pink mouth

needing to be filled and satisfied

knowing the cigarette

a poor substitute

for what lay beneath

her thoughts


graceful, seductive movements

provocative manner

in which she drank and smoked

swathed his mind

with visions

of how she treated a man

who wanted to please her


gulp of bourbon courage

then another

no longer could he watch

no longer would he not take

a one time chance

he wanted her

she was worth the risk


daring himself

he left the barstool


stood tall

slowly approached this dream

and she glanced over

coyly grinned

and said,

“I’ve been waiting.”