His Bare Bride

Crazy Bride

He called her crazy

    and she giggled with glee

    flinging her top off

    for all to see

He drove down the road

    bare bride at his side

    her hands in the air

   enjoying the ride

A honk and a whistle

    oh she got more than one

    he smiled as he watched her

    having sheer naked fun

How lucky am I

    he thought with a grin

    to have married this girl

    who revels in sin

So here’s to the Crazy Ones

    who don’t give a fuck

    if you find one to marry

    godspeed and good luck!







His Minute

just minute

He took the time

just a minute

but he took it

thought of me

I was in his head

he needed to tell me

when surrounded by thousands

occupied by so much more

he was happy

and being happy made his heart

think me

it was me

on his mind

and his minute

became my day long happy