Smeared Life

Smeared Life

You splashed

      across my mind

smeared colors

     of once clear days

abstract nothingness

     of what was once something

blurred thoughts

    of our life washed away



April 2019

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(Written for the Tuesday Writing Prompt “Blurred thoughts” at Go Dog Go Cafe.  Visit and read more!)



Somewhere Girl


I am

a somewhere girl…


in-between everyday thoughts

behind dreams’ shadows

atop soul’s hushed yearnings

under sentimental heartbeats


I am

a somewhere girl

and it is in the somewhere

I come to life.



January 2019

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(Written in response to the Tuesday Prompt on Go Dog Go Cafe to use “somewhere” at least twice in a poem.  You can still join in!)  #


Snowfall of You


Underneath my heart

hides the snowfall of my mind



fragile thoughts

I cannot stop

from falling

cannot stop

from blanketing my soul

cannot stop

because each one

is of you

patterning my life

with beauty

reminding me

each moment with your love

a unique, rare gift

only the Heavens

could grant me



December 2018

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I Am Me


I am

the   STORY

only some wish to read

I am


only some choose to feel

I am


only some choose to love

I am


of what was hidden

for so long





and I care not

who reads, feels, or loves






(#OctPoWriMo loosely based on Day 14 theme If I Were Me. I am catching up!  I do write poems every single day, but I don’t always feel they are worthy enough for WordPress.  Thus, why I am playing catchup here.  And yes, that is me in the picture 😊)

Poems on a Page

poems on a page

I feel your breath

in poems upon my page

and mine warm upon you

as you read them

notes of passion

seemingly just jotted in ink

on stark white nothing

but it is


something more than alive

something more than a heartbeat

it is me

in flesh and bone

mind and body



and undone in every way





(Day 2 of #OctPoWriMo)



lips 1

The way your lips

whisper my name

nibble down my neck

talk dirty

across my belly

as it shivers uncontrollably

how they breathe passion

like the moon against my skin

then wake me

like warmth of dawn

kissing thighs until slowly opened

when they speak

our lovers’ language

as only we understand

then create of those words

an unreal reality

as your lips press promises

against mine

sealing love in ecstasy’s envelope

I feel in the deepest corners

of my being

their gift

is the only Heaven I need to know




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(Written in response to the Tuesday writing challenge for something you can’t live without on GoDogGoCafe)




She was Smoke


Like smoke on the water

she slithered 

through his mind

mysterious vapor

seeping into senses

sultry fire tinged perfume

with cool fingered touch

spiced ember taste of woman

teasing his hunger

all of her winding ’round

lust-filled thoughts

whispering prurient promises

caressing his writhing ache

as he lay

in the mist of her fantasy




Ph- by Charlotte via Deviant Art

(Written for the Tuesday Prompt at  GoDogGoCafe where I am a contributing barista.  Check it out!)






Pink Girl

pink girl

Pink Girl

As soon as she entered his life, he called her his Pink Girl. There was something about her and pink that went together so well. And she wore it like it was hers and hers alone. Blush pink, dark pink, polka dot pink, streaked pink. It absolutely swirled his mind like cotton candy being fluffed around a cone.

He sighed in her sweetness, the delicate, sugary taste of her kiss melting on his tongue. His hands coveted rose petal soft skin tinged with warm flush of passion in afternoon sun. His heart erratically beat trying to find a rhythm matching the beauty before him. Never was there enough of her.

Falling deeper and deeper, he blissfully sank into her clouds, carried away to castle kingdoms where pink gardens held her fragrance while he held the perfect bloom.




(I saw a prompt today for Pink Girl on Twitter for #WrittenRiver.  I have so many ideas running around my head with this one, but I decided to just start with this in a quick write. It is just a snippet. Interested to see what you think as this varies a bit from my usual poetry.  I wonder if it has any potential…Always welcome your comments and thoughts 💗)

Vessels of Magic


Her eyes

vessels of magic

colors unexplained

starlight grabbing those

who dared gaze

once entranced

her spell

held you breathless

tightened your chest

strangled your soul

swept away your words

until she knew

you were captured

imprisoned in her lair

totally and utterly hers

and only then

might she whisper





(This was written in response to the Tuesday Writing Challenge posted on by Christine Ray.  Go take a look and give it a try!)