Part of her

SirenSong writes exactly what I feel and it’s beautiful

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRenderShe tries to explain its significance

what it means to her

how it fulfills her

how it feeds her soul

in a way that nothing else ever has

But the words fall on deaf ears

as though she is speaking a foreign language

So she writes in secret

at times

Words are always on her mind

when she’s not writing

she’s thinking of writing


to the exclusion of all else

At times she cannot get the words on the page fast enough

before they drift away

a whisper

a sigh

floating out of reach

gone forever

a haunting refrain

When she writes

she feels

sometimes she cries

sometimes she laughs

mostly she smiles

feeling a joy bubbling up from within

For every line

is hers

and no others

part of her

part of who she is

Her picture

boldly found

between the lines


Photograph taken from Pinterest

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