Unravel My Gift

whisper softly

Whisper softly

into my ocean eyes of blue

trace every line and curve

with fingertips of an artist


a treasured piece of beauty

unravel me

thread by thread

with every erotic pleasure

you know

until raw lust

opens before you

like a gift





Letter to My Poet

This poem was written for a writing prompt on Twitter and based on the title of my dear friend Entirety J. Roberts‘ first published book of poetry “Dear Poet- A Book of Uncommon Prayers.” It is a must read book of her heart and soul which helped lead me to this poem.



Dear Poet,

You captured me

extracted words

from marrow of my bones

sucked ink

from barely pumping veins

poured it all

onto a page

and blessed me

with the honor

of becoming one

with you