Between My Breaths

between breaths

I feel you

between my breaths


where you wish to touch me

like you did last night

crawling back over my skin

etching your passion

deeply and permanently

marking me

as your own

leaving my wanton need

begging for another night

when every aroused part of me

free falls

into your prurient world


that moment

all my stars explode

in climactic bliss






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Gin and Smoke

Gin soaked

Gin soaked lips

wrapping the end

of a cigarette

he wished was him


her sultry look

and casual sexiness

causing shifting and readjusting

growing arousal

now out of his control

taking over mind and body


unable to look away

he fastened eyes

on a plump, pink mouth

needing to be filled and satisfied

knowing the cigarette

a poor substitute

for what lay beneath

her thoughts


graceful, seductive movements

provocative manner

in which she drank and smoked

swathed his mind

with visions

of how she treated a man

who wanted to please her


gulp of bourbon courage

then another

no longer could he watch

no longer would he not take

a one time chance

he wanted her

she was worth the risk


daring himself

he left the barstool


stood tall

slowly approached this dream

and she glanced over

coyly grinned

and said,

“I’ve been waiting.”