Wrap my soul

with ribbons of words

from your heart

tie a knot of strength

keeping me

safely tucked

within your love



November 2018


Painting Her


He painted her

stroke by stroke

making love to canvas

like he made love to her

adoration for lines and soft curves

reverence for skin’s colors

light bringing her to life

worship for beauty in female form

bringing man such mystifying joy



November 2018

My Love

My love

My love

soft yet fierce

in words

which cross your soul

in caresses

which dominate your senses

in feelings

which run rampant

among the wilds of your heart…

I am

a whisper

and a roar

and I know

you hear both




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(I am behind on 31 poems in 31 days due to weekend wedding fun with my best friends who now all live apart from me.  Today I’ll try to catch up! This post will count as Day 6 and is loosely based on the prompt “conquered.”)