Take Me Deeper

I begged him

take me deeper

thrill me

with swells

which overcome

every thought

on my surface

take me under

and swallow

what I cannot

then release me

free what hides

behind shadows of doubt

let me find

the me

who is real






Do You Wish It Was Me

Do you wish

Do you wish it was me

breathing softly

on your neck

content in the feeling of two


Do you wish it was me

lying on your chest

heartbeat to heartbeat

bared for each other


Do you wish it was me

eyes dancing with yours

tangled in a tango

only we can perform


Do you wish it was me

kissing your lips

telling stories of love

with strokes soft and strong


Do you wish it was me

holding your dreams

those only whispered

for my heart to hear


Do you wish it was me

forever and ever

because my wish

would then come true





Drowning in Cabernet

drowning in cabernet

She tried drowning

drowning them all

in cabernet


the burn for touch

along every inch

and unusual place

of desperate skin


the ache to be seen

as beautiful

and hear the words

in sincerity


the craving for kisses

long and slow

adoring and true

any given time of day


the hunger for eyes and smile

to light up

as he looked at her

in mundane moments


the thirst for romance

sexy or silly

reminding her

it is still alive


the thrill of

teasing and flirting

being 19 again

lost in their own world


the desire to be

his everything

cherished and loved

held so tightly

inside his heart

she would never think

of drowning





Writing Love

writing love

If I wrote down

our love

would the words matter?

Do curves and straight lines

tell our story?

Do ink strokes

convey emotions and feelings?

Is there a definition

for what we see

in each other’s eyes?

Has anyone

ever learned

to write love?




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