Distant Heartbeats

via Daily Prompt: Distant


For too long

distant hearts

beat alone

rhythm blue

notes off key

underlying melody

barely audible

but still there

playing steadily

knowing one day

harmony would grab hold

of the melody

creating a rhythm

thought lost




19 thoughts on “Distant Heartbeats

  1. Dear Midwest Fantasy! I am so amazingly impressed with Your words and the whole piece! This is so exquisite and elegantly descriptive of a melody in a minor key. Playing keyboards makes this really resonate in my heart! Loved the hopeful ending! Great lines – rhythm blue, notes off key. I have added these to my Word Bank. They say it all. Also, loved – underlying melody, barely audible this is so moving and emotional. Relates to a faintly beating heart trying to hold on! Fantastic!!

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    1. I am thrilled you thought so much of this piece. I like how you describe it as a melody in a minor key. Music has always been a part of my life and it works well with much of what I want to say. And how cool you have a Word Bank! Thanks so much for these kind words.

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      1. Yes, I truly was transported by Your words to a special place of joy while reading it, and after! It was like a melody. Beautiful, wistful and haunting! Truly so Great! Yes, I love my Word Bank and it has provided dividends in poems! You should start Your Own! I think You will like it.

        Ok, since You like music, please listen to this in a quiet place with Your eyes shut and drift off. Let me know what You think of it – chucklindholm@hotmail.com


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