Painted Pink

via Daily Prompt:

painting toes1

I watched her through the window


she didn’t know

she didn’t have a care

lost in her own girly world

painting her perfect toes

a different shade of pink

than last week

but always pink

like her personality

bobbing her head

singing along

to those country songs

she loves

and I have no need for

a picture of pure beauty

although she never thinks

that’s what she is


in every way

every day

to me

she is





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(I sometimes like to write from a man’s perspective.  Maybe it’s because I’d like a man to think or feel this way.  Maybe it’s because I think a man’s viewpoint is sexy.  Maybe it’s because I wish someone would think and feel that way about me.  Whatever it is, I like writing from different perspectives.)  


12 thoughts on “Painted Pink

  1. she is you
    and i am me
    and we see
    dear beth
    the chip is on my shoulder
    as i get older
    you must be free to be you
    any man with any sense
    would want to walk with you hand in hand
    by side
    to be
    his love
    his friend
    with a passion
    that never ever
    goes out of fashion!

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  2. TheSentinel334 says:

    There will be 1,000’s out there that think sweety and beautiful things about you young lady.

    My next piece will be dedicated to you.

    My last effort was written from a female POV, as I know men can be arseholea at times.

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  3. I saw you, not knowing what to say
    Letters got tangled around themselves
    Racing past my lips, you thought me a fool
    Stumbling like a school boy wanting to say
    Hello. Holel. Lohel. Olleh. They fell out
    So, I smiled hoping you would get it, simple
    Word evades the boy wanting to be man.

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  4. I used to think red was the lure, but know what pink has an even better effect I just discovered, but it takes a certain type of skin he said. I blushed pink! This was sweet as it was very sensual.

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